TouchPad Pro 

Assistive Technology for Blindness and Low Vision, Reimanaged! 

Allowing for millions of visually-impaired individuals to read and write anywhere and help create and experience art like never before. Also, the other possible applications of such a device are limited only by one’s imagination.

Many features, like those of an iPad or Android Tablet, will prove more accessible 

  • Information and graphics can be ‘viewed’, saved, shared and sent to another device. (ie. printer or electric brailler)

  • Voice-recognition and AI software, like that of ‘Siri’ or 'Alexa' will be utilized to increase accessibility.

  • GPS Navigation and Maps.

  • USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Front-facing and Rear-facing 3D cameras


  • Being able to navigate a town or city with GPS technology and maps you can feel in detail.

  • Using a 3D camera to "see" what the camera sees using just their fingers.

  • Being able to feel a rendering of their own face! Being able to feel the contours and shapes.

  • Using  programs, like Skype, to have a "video chat" while touching a moving rendition. Feel a friends face speaking.