TouchPad Pro Assistive Technology 

Technology for Blindness and Low-Vision, Reimanaged! 

            Allowing for individuals who are blind or have low-vision to connect to the digital world, to read and write anywhere and create and experience art like never before. Also, the other possible applications of such a device are limited only by one’s imagination.



of the 

TouchPad Pro

1. The ability to offer BOTH braille and color tactile graphics

2. Providing the World's Largest visual and tactile display. (with over 2400 pins!)

3. Being portable

4. Offering a user friendly and accessible interface

5. Being affordable

6. Featuring 3D cameras with immense possibilities


Many features, like those of an iPad or Android Tablet, will prove more accessible 

  • Information and graphics can be ‘viewed’, saved, shared and sent to another device. (ie. printer or electric brailler)

  • Voice-recognition and AI software, like that of ‘Siri’ or 'Alexa' will be utilized to increase accessibility.

  • GPS Navigation and Maps.

  • USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.